Medical Sociology PhD at University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

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In August 2017, I will begin work on my PhD in Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

The department excels in medical sociology, health, gender, race, and inequality. I plan to get a PhD minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Drs. Bridget Goosby, Deadric Williams, and Jacob Cheadle are using wearable technology to quantify how the everyday stresses of dealing with racism “get under the skin,” affecting physiologic stress. I hope to work on this project, and design and conduct my own research using similar techniques to study an intersectional perspective on gender, sexism, oppression, health, and chronic conditions.

What’s more, the department is incredibly welcoming, family-friendly, open and accepting, and full of just lovely people. I am excited to begin! See you in Lincoln!

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