#icantkeepquiet Choir – Pittsburgh

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I am spearheading the Pittsburgh choir of the #icantkeepquiet flashmob movement, started by MILCK.

Join our group on Facebook, and I’ll see you at rehearsal!

After the roaring success of the Women’s Marches in January 2017, I and many others longstanding activists felt the call to keep people motivated and mobilized. Pussy Hats were a great way to get people involved in a way they hadn’t been before. Similarly, I figured by creating a choir, activists will get together, make music, and then be accountable to each other to show up to actions. (“I need someone who can sing the X-Soprano part at the march on Saturday! Who’s with me?”)

As a new member of the Renaissance City Choir, I found support in the choir members and staff, and we started this separate #icantkeepquiet choir in Pittsburgh. MILCK has made the music available for free, so we were off to the races. And once you learn a part, if you go to a different city that has a choir, you can sing with them too!

We hope to see you, in rehearsal or in the streets, very soon!

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