Writing a Book: Ending Chronic Illness

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No matter how much Western medical science progresses, chronic illness and pain persist.

I am currently writing about how to bring an end to chronic illness and pain.

I critically review the thousands of years of Western medical history that established a connection between femininity, intractability, and lifelong illness and pain.

Based on the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of people chronic illness and pain, I then provide a prescription for those with chronic pain, their family and friends, and medical professionals. We can end this endless cycle of suffering, and replace it with more effective and scientifically rigorous approach.

I could use your help!

Please share your opinions in these two short surveys, and send this to anyone you think might have wisdom to share with me.

What have you noticed about chronic illness? Survey

Your Advice About Chronic Illness/Pain – Survey

Share widely, and contact me with any questions! I’ll keep you updated!

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