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Read my piece on Ed Roberts over at FoundSF!

The vegetables of the world are uniting and we’re not going away! I decided to be an artichoke, prickly on the outside but with a big heart!  -Ed Roberts

This semester, I had the privilege of taking Radical History of San Francisco with San Francisco historian Chris Carlsson. (Beyond university classes, Chris hosts regular walking and bike tours of San Francisco – check them out!)

Chris runs FoundSF, a wiki of San Francisco history. He urges everyone to record histories, so that notable events will not be forgotten. FoundSF now includes an introduction to the disability rights heritage of the Bay Area, in the form of my essay on Ed Roberts, the unsinkably funny and good-natured “father of the independent living movement”.

Chris’s deep knowledge, passion, history of good-humored radical action, and warmth made for a fabulous class. He was also very gracious in accommodating my doctors’ last-minute orders not to overtax my body in the walking-tour-class, and with the help of a camping stool from my friend and colleague Caitlin Carmody I was able to participate more fully than I dreamed possible.

Caitlin’s piece on Chelsea Manning and 2013 SF Pride and our colleague Alana Apfel’s piece on Tree and the Free Farm of San Francisco are also on FoundSF.

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